Get Started with the Magic Library

Everything You Need to Know About the Magic Library

We're just getting things started around here, and there are LOTS of new features still in the works, but you can already jump in and start making use of the Magic Library to help your development as a performer.

First: Create your account

You can browse the archives as a guest, but you can't really interact without an account. So, the first step is to Sign-Up and Create A New Account.

Go do that now, and meet me back here.

Second: Add to "My Library"

One of the cool things you can do around here is create collections of books. One of your two built-in collections is called "My Library". This is  your own personal inventory. If you own it, add it to the list. Here's how...

Every library record has three icons. A file-box, a heart, and a checkmark. The checkmark corresponds to "My Library". Click on the checkmark for a book to add it to your personal collection.

Add to My Library

You can access your collections, including "My Library" at the Collections page.

Add a note! Every book in your collection has a spot for a personal note. Click the pencil icon in your collection to add your quick thoughts.

By default, your collections are private, meaning only you can see them. You also have the option to make your collections public to share with friends.

Third: Add to "My Wishlist"

Just like "My Library" you also have a "My Wishlist", which corresponds to the heart icon. Click the heart to add a book to your wishlist. This is a great way to keep tabs on the books you are hunting for.

You can also make your wishlist public, and share it with friends who may be able to help you track down a copy.

Planning for the future: We will be using the Wishlist feature to connect buyers and sellers. You can choose to get a notification if one of your wanted books is available for sale.

Also: Custom Collections

Using the File-Box icon you can add any book to a custom collection. Name your collection anything you like, and gather up a list of books that fit that description.

You could create a collection of "My All Time Favourites", or "Restaurant Magic Books".

As an example, check out my collection of "Canadian Magic".

Finally: Add Your Books

You can help the library archive grow when you add your own books into the mix. It's really simple to get started. Go to the New Record page and fill out the form.

Once you have created the basic record, you can go to the page for that book and upload photos, and add a table of contents.

You can also help supplement existing records with your images.


Thanks! If you have any questions, please contact us, or share in the Facebook Group.